People rarely see what is right in front of their eyes! 

"Follow The Films"

"And so my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country"   JFK /   THE INFORMATION ON ENTIRE SITE ARE ALLEGATIONS BUT NEW EVIDENCE
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 Unless it was given to the government on November 22, 1963

Big Bad John Connally Gun video!

 This motorcade of impending death was on its final run into destiny!

A Star Dies

  He has the gun in both hands in this photo.

 JFK was a superstar among politicians.  A rock star.  Americans were proud to have him
as their President.  His image to the Country and to the world was one of class and almost
royalty.  He was handsome, wealthy, young, charming and intelligent.

 The message of that image was one of strength and dreams.  He gave Americans hope
and dreams.  He even wanted to give them the moon!  But he never realized that dream.
Even after his death,  these dreams kept burning in the hearts of Americans.  Eventually
many of these dreams were accomplished.
 One dream of his was to run for a second term which meant a trip to Dallas. After Air Force One landed at Dallas LOVE FIELD.  A motorcade was started to go through downtown Dallas.

Like as two peas in a pod

 He puts it in his lap ready to to
fire and change history.  the video is below.

 Two of the biggest crooks in our nations history.  Years after the Assassination Connally was a trusted Nixon adviser.  
 Connally looking a bit shifty in this photo or still a bit jumpy at being photographed.


 The JFK Assassination is a mystery of many doctored films and photos.

   The statement "Follow The Money" helped solve the Watergate scandal that
led to another crook, President Richard Nixon.  With the JFK mystery this can be solved very easy with the statement "Follow The Films".

   From the start of the Motorcade from Love Field to Dealey Plaza, follow 
Texas Governor John Connally his actions are very telling.  In many of the films that he is in his actions have been altered, superimposed or frames deleted. 

  A panel of non government film experts could very easy determine that the
Texas Governor shot and killed JFK.  This has never happened, we need to push for this if we want the truth.

 This Love Field photo matches
up with the film that shows the Governor with a gun in his hands. 

 The greatest "DECEPTION OF ALL TIME" had begun.

Here is a frame from a film at Love Field showing Connally with  barrel now  pointing towards the windshield .




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